FREE CNA Certification Practice Test: Basic Nursing Skills


Welcome to the CNA Practice Test for Basic Nursing Skills!

This is the last of three practice tests that cover the basic skills you will need as a CNA. There are 40 questions that will help you prepare for the 2019 CNA examination. Each question has been researched and the answer verified.

The CNA plays an important role as the “eyes and ears” of the healthcare team. As you spend time with clients throughout the day, you are fortunate to become familiar with them. You can often detect and report changes that others might not notice. As a result, your care can help keep clients safe and healthy.

These questions are based on the requirements and the categories that are included in the exam. They are similar (and often identical) to the actual questions that you will be asked.

Some of the topics covered in this third Basic Skills practice test include:

  • Safety for the patient and the nurse aide
  • Vital signs
  • Common resident conditions, such as diabetes and stroke
  • Elimination: catheter care and constipation
  • Various positions for clients

Each of these CNA training questions has four options. Read the question carefully and select the best option. If you are not sure, click on the Hint button underneath the options to read a sentence that can help you choose the correct answer. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! The program will display the correct response, along with an explanation to help you understand. Track your progress on the upper left corner. Your correct answers will be in green. If you miss more than 8 questions, you can restart the test and try again. Good luck!

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