CNA Practice Test: Legal & Ethical Behaviours 2

Every health care professional must be aware of the legal and ethical requirements of their job. A primary requirement of all providers is to protect their clients’ safety and privacy. This means knowing the laws, regulations, and principles of health care. As a CNA, you will be responsible for providing a safe environment and making sure that your clients can trust you with their personal information. When you respect and follow the laws, you become a valuable employee. For your CNA examination, you will need to know a few Federal laws, especially the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws about a patient’s right to have all health history and information kept confidential. Look for 2-4 questions on the exam about the legal and ethical responsibilities of the CNA. If your state has an exam category on Role of the Nurse Aide, these questions will be in that section. Although the topic of Legal and Ethics sounds difficult, you will find that it’s both reasonable and sensible. It’s how you have been treated as a patient for over twenty years. Try to take the CNA.plus practice tests several times before your actual CNA examination. Each time, the questions organize in a new, random order, to help you learn better. In this Legal and Ethics practice test you will cover:
  • Scenarios with neglect and abuse
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Advanced directives
  • Patient right to refuse
  • Situations involving patient rights
CNA.plus offers a variety of practice tests for all the categories on the CNA examination. Just click on the topic you want to study. Each question has four options for the correct answer. Try to rule out one or two of the options. If you’re stuck and need a clue, click the Hint button on the left side, under the last option. A sentence will tell you a bit about the best option. If you pick the right answer, the test moves to the next question. If you make a mistake, you’ll receive an immediate explanation about why your choice was wrong. In the upper left corner of the screen, there is a grid that tells you how you’re doing on the practice test. Each box will turn red or green, depending on your answer. Below the grid is a bar that allows you to restart the practice test at any time. If you stop in the middle of the test, it will remind you when you return to the website. We want to help you achieve your goal of becoming a successful CNA. Good luck!
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