FREE CNA Practice Test: Personal Care Skills 2

One of the most satisfying things about being a CNA is the ability to assist and provide hands-on care for your clients, patients, or residents. Helping them stay as independent as possible, yet supporting them at every stage of their condition, can be rewarding. Personal care involves all aspects of physical and emotional support. It is different for each person, and can change from day to day. Often it includes the family, who can be concerned about their loved one. Many CNAs say that personal care is the favorite part of their job. The written CNA examination will have many questions on giving Personal Care. Each state has a different distribution of questions, but personal care can be as much as 25% of the written exam. During the the clinical skills portion of your exam, you will be asked to demonstrate how to give personal care, such as caring for dentures and feeding a resident. Since Personal Care is an important part of your CNA examination, find time to take the Personal Care and Basic Skills practice tests more than once. A benefit of CNA.plus practice tests is that they work the same as using flash cards. Each time you take the same test, the questions are shuffled into a new order. Some of the topics covered in this Personal Care practice test include:
  • Skin care and avoiding pressure sores
  • Turning and positioning residents
  • Caring for dentures
  • Preventing contractures
  • Assisting vision and hearing impaired patients
  • Scenarios about feeding residents
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