CNA Practice Test: Mental Health and Social Services Needs 2

Mental health is as important as physical health. It shows in how we think, feel, and act. Every day the CNA cares for clients, patients, or residents who have emotional needs or mental disorders. Your ability to try to understand and offer support can make all the difference in their recovery. Learning about mental health will help you build better relationships with others, both on and off the job. The mental health questions of the CNA examination are part of the Psychosocial Care Skills category. This important category also includes questions that cover emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs. For a typical state CNA exam with 70 total questions, look for about eight questions. Questions covered in this Mental Health and Social Services Needs practice test include:
  • Proper use of restraints
  • Situations involving patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Sexuality and the elderly
  • Respecting other cultures and religions
  • Scenarios with the stages of loss and grief
  • Dealing with combative residents
When you’re ready to take a practice test, select any topic from the CNA.plus tests. Whether you study alone or with classmates, find a quiet place to concentrate and learn. Just like the actual CNA exam, each question has four possible answers. Read the questions carefully before looking at the choices. If you’re uncertain, click the Hint button under the fourth answer to get a clue. If you choose the correct answer, you can proceed to the next question. If you’re wrong, an explanation of the correct answer will pop up to help you remember next time.See how well you’re doing by following the grey grid at the upper left of the computer screen. Each square represents a question. It will turn green for every correct response and red for every wrong one. Under the grid is a bar that says “Restart the test.” Go ahead, as many times as you wish! Taking each test several times is like using flashcards, only easier. The questions are shuffled into a new order every time, so you are learning facts, not the order of the questions. Making questions random is a proven way to strengthen your knowledge, and make you more confident of the answers. Good luck on your CNA examination! May your career as a CNA be both fun and successful.
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