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Studying for your CNA exam is stressful. Almost too stressful to bother.

Hunting down the study guides, figuring out what sections you need to focus on... Then, of course, there's weeks of studying.

If you've tried doing that, then you know that those guides just aren’t written to promote rapid learning. They make studying a struggle: there are way too many things to remember all at once. "How do I even know what I'll be tested on?"

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Be fully prepared in days, not weeks. Cover every topic you’ll be tested on.

Our Premium program allows aspiring nurse assistants to study just the questions that are most likely to appear on the official exam. You spend less time studying but retain the information 2x more effectively. Premium guarantees you'll pass the state exam by giving you a simple and effective way to memorize and understand the key concepts in a unique way. Get it today

Dramatically increase your odds of passing

Get instant access to 600+ original CNA written exam questions in 20 members-only tests. They cover every topic you’ll be tested on, including the toughest questions most people get wrong. Each question comes with a detailed explanation in support of the correct answer.

Challenge yourself with the Exam Simulator

Our most popular CNA Exam Simulator is the ultimate way to prepare. This 60-question exam simulates the actual CNA written examination. You're allowed to skip questions, but unlike the other practice tests, this test simulator provides no hints or explanations.

Learn from what matters most - your own mistakes

When time is of the essence, you need the most effective way to find and fix your weak spots, fast! Your missed questions are automatically stored in your personal Challenge Bank™ for review, so you'll know where to focus your study time. It's like having a personal tutor!

Retake until you're confident

Unlimited retakes mean you can repeat practice tests as many times as you like until you get every question right.

Don't just memorize: understand

Whenever you get a question wrong, you'll see a clear explanation of why. Now, you can quickly master concepts and answer the question correctly the next time - no matter how a question is worded on the exam.

300 CNA Flashcards in 6 Categories

A scientifically proven way to help you study for your CNA examination. Research shows that using flashcards as a study method creates strong neural brain connections. This means your memory improves as you go through the flashcards again and again; this is called "active recall." You’ll gain confidence as you realize that you know and understand the information.

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Bonus: 10 time-saving PDF cheat sheets

These quick, printable PDFs cover the trickiest CNA questions you're likely to see on the real exam.

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Send the PDFs to your mobile device and study anywhere - even right before the exam!

Customers agree: our questions are nearly identical to the real CNA exam

"CNA Plus is by far the best study resource out there. I would even say it surpasses the Prometric practice test itself! I have recommended this site to every CNA student I know and to everyone I know that are preparing for their tests. CNA Plus has got everyone beat, 10 out of 10 from me!"
~Porsha Reeves
"This has helped me to prepare for my final exam that I took last week and passed with some flying colors. This also helped me to prepare for an exam I had while I was on spring break."
~Izabella T.
"If you are practicing to become a CNA, then this is the website for you! These tests prepared me not only for the big test, they have prepared me for the work force. I am now prepared to enter my job description with confidence."
Julieann Mefford

How does Premium work?

Since 2012, over 460,000 aspiring CNA's have used our website to pass their state exam and win the day. We've heard from thousands of recent test-takers who told us every little detail of how their exam went. That "insider" knowledge is at the heart of our powerful Premium program - now we can share it with you.
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"I usually don't like to study, but this site made it super easy and efficient to help me get prepared for my exam." ~ Danessa McShane, NY, United States

Pass the CNA Exam, guaranteed or your money back.

The best guarantee is one you won’t need. But you get it anyway. Sign up for Premium, pass every practice test, and we promise you a passing grade. If you fail, send us an email and get your money back.

See why thousands of applicants choose Premium over traditional CNA training

Don't allow the exam to stand between you and your dream job.

  Traditional CNA Training Premium with
Cost $1,250 - $2,000typically for classroom plus clinical externship $37+Unlimited use
Convenience Many CNA training schools have rigid schedules. You may have to take a class every day for a week. You must show up on time for class, and if you miss enough classes, you may have to retake the whole course. Instant access; use it 24/7. Study from home or on the go whenever you wish.
Duration Typically 75 hours of in-class instruction, plus a clinical externship Convenient lifetime (one-time purchase) or monthly membership. Use it until you’ve passed your CNA exam. Come back again when your CNA license is up for renewal.
Personalized Instruction No personalization. You study in a group of 10–20 students. You may struggle to keep up with the faster students or be bored when the teacher has to explain things to the slower students. Your mistakes are automatically stored in the Challenge Bank™ for you to review. Tests are divided into several difficulty levels. Study at your own pace.
Knowledge Retention Traditional passive (instructor-centered) methods of teaching. Poor retention. Remember the concepts faster by intensive drilling with engaging practice tests based on past exam questions.
Guarantee You'll Pass Most CNA training schools don't offer money-back guarantees. At the end of the program, you typically get a certificate and a handshake. Comes with a Pass Guarantee. We promise that you'll pass your written CNA test or we'll refund you in full.
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Based on official CNA Exam questions
Questions are based on the official Certified Nursing Assistant Examination materials that have appeared on past exams.
Updated for 2019
Don't study outdated material. We constantly update questions and rationales as regulations change.
Authentic Format
Exam Simulator mimics the experience of a real CNA exam, pulling random questions from a huge database.

Do you want to breeze right through your CNA State exam?

Your entire career may be on the line. Don't risk wasting time and money on a repeat exam if you fail. With Premium, you'll be over-prepared, so the official exam will seem easy.
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600+ Exam-Like Questions With Explanations
20 Premium Tests (incl. toughest questions)
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300 CNA Flashcards in 6 Categories i
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10 Exclusive PDF Cheat Sheets with Most Frequently Asked CNA Exam Questions i
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BONUS: 10 Exclusive PDF Cheat Sheets with Most Frequently Asked CNA Exam Questions

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600+ Exam-Like Questions With Explanations
20 Premium Tests (incl. toughest questions)
CNA Exam Simulator i
300 CNA Flashcards in 6 Categories i
Smart Challenge Bank™ i
Cross-Device Progress Tracking i
Powerful Pass Probability Analytics i
Voice Over i
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CNA Exam Anxiety Relief Audio Series
10 Exclusive PDF Cheat Sheets with Most Frequently Asked CNA Exam Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is this program for?
  • First-time applicants getting their first CNA certification
  • Those who already failed once
  • Renewal applicants
  • New residents relocating from another state
  • New residents relocating from another country
Can't I just read the study guides?
The problem with the study guides is that they aren't written to promote rapid learning. There are just too many things to remember all at once. With Premium, you'll study at a much faster pace by taking challenging tests that correct you in real time. You'll see the correct answer for each question immediately, along with a detailed, in-depth explanation so you can understand the reasoning behind it. We'll even praise you for being right! You won't even notice you're studying most of the time: you'll just want to keep taking the tests until you pass them all, as you're learning everything you need for the CNA exam.
How is Premium better than the free tests?
Our free tests are awesome, but Premium gives you even more opportunities to study. You'll be exposing yourself to more types of questions, more ways of wording things. If you're not using Premium, you're only seeing a portion of the potential questions you may see on your exam. Upgrading to Premium allows you to give yourself every opportunity to succeed. Additionally, our Cheat Sheets have singled out the most frequently asked questions, so it's another great way to start studying and to make sure that you haven't missed anything.
How does the Pass Guarantee Work?
Our Premium Membership comes with a Pass Guarantee. If you successfully complete all the practice tests, we promise you a passing grade on the written portion of your CNA exam,or we'll refund your money. To claim, just send us an email with your full name (must match the name and email address used for your purchase at CNA Plus) within 30 days from the purchase of your Premium membership.
What happens after I sign up?
When your payment is complete, you will be automatically signed into your Premium account. You will receive an email with a receipt and your payment details. All the Premium features will be available to you right away. Your test progress won't be lost; it'll be carried over from Free to Premium.
Will my existing progress be lost when I upgrade to Premium?
No. When you sign up for Premium, we'll transfer your progress and scores from the free account to our server so you'll see all your past progress in your Premium account immediately. Not only will you save your personal statistics, but they'll be available on any browser, computer, or device you use to take our practice tests.
Can I use my Premium account on another computer or smartphone?
Absolutely! You can switch to any other computer or mobile device at any time and continue practicing from where you left off. You'll need to sign in with the same e-mail address and password that you used to sign up for Premium. All your progress and passing scores will be available on any device because that data is stored on our server for Premium users.

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