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When anyone enters a nursing home or long-term care facility, they are given a copy of the Resident’s Bill of Rights. This is an important document that assures residents that they can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. All staff makes sure the residents maintain their privacy and that they can feel safe and secure. The CNA has the unique opportunity to be the staff member who is able to uphold the Resident’s Bill of Rights every day. As you study for your CNA examination, pay attention to to the topic of Resident Rights. Every state will want to be sure that you understand the Bill of Rights and its legal importance. While most of the questions on your CNA exam will be about basic and personal skills, you can expect about five questions on the Resident’s Bill of Rights. (Your state may call this Resident Rights or Residents’ Bill of Rights.) One of the best ways to study for the CNA examination is to use flashcards. Mixing up the flashcards always presents the questions in a different order. CNA.plus is an electronic version of flashcards! Every time you retake a practice test, the questions are put into a new order. Some of the questions asked in this practice test on Resident Rights include:
  • Religious and cultural rights
  • Right to refuse care or treatment
  • Understanding use of restraints
  • Scenarios demonstrating Resident Rights
  • Sexuality in the elderly
  • Sharing a room with a spouse or partner
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