CNA Practice Test: Safety and Emergency Procedures 2

As a health care professional, the CNA must be prepared to respond to a variety of patient or environmental emergencies. While you will follow the specific policies of your facility, there are general principles that you can use for most situations. As the staff member with the most patient contact, you may be the first person to see and report an emergency situation. No matter where you take your CNA examination, you can expect questions about Safety and Emergency procedures on both the written and skills portion of the exam. All states and test providers will ask you to demonstrate that you know how to protect your clients in various situations. In some states, up to 18% of the questions can be about safety. It can be stressful to prepare for this important examination. We want to help you by offering a practice test that has Safety questions similar to those you will be asked when you challenge the exam. We encourage you to take each test several times. The tests have been designed to shuffle the questions every time, so you won’t learn them in order. This method improves your learning and increases your confidence for the examination. Some of the topics covered in this Safety and Emergency Procedures practice test include:
  • Patient falls: how to prevent them and what to do if a fall happens
  • Understanding medication side effects
  • Identifying common medical emergencies: stroke, shortness of breath
  • Safety during a fire
  • What to do when a patient vomits
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